The Port of Montreal wants to invest in the future of Montreal’s port infrastructure

MONTREAL, February 20, 2023 /CNW/ – Harbor Montreal has allocated $335+ million in a new five-year investment plan for the island’s infrastructure. Montreal. These investments are necessary to consolidate the Port of Montreal commercial platform status at the heart of the strategic St. Lawrence Corridor to support the energy transition and promote harmonious coexistence with the neighboring community. announced by Martin ImbleauPresident and CEO of the Montreal Port Authority (MPA) during a speech this morning at the Transportation and Logistics Forum hosted by the Chamber of Commerce of Montreal (CCEM).

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MPA President and CEO during his talk on a strong and decarbonized supply chain from the east end Martin Imbleau marked the port of Montreal its role and scope in the east of the city ends in the long run. Now Port Montreal approaching full container handling capacity, it wants to invest heavily in its infrastructure on the island, which stretches 26km between Cité-du-Havre and the island’s eastern tip.

These investments are designed to achieve four main objectives.

  • Sustainably develop and maintain port infrastructure to enable trade growth for the benefit of exporting and importing companies and, in turn, consumers.

  • Strengthen, optimize and simplify Greater Montreal Supply chain in a context where the country’s supply chains have been weakened by wide-ranging factors such as labor shortages, inflation and problems with procurement and storage over the past two years. The port Montreal intends to play a strategic role in further strengthening the sustainability and performance of the supply chain.

  • Accelerate the decarbonisation and energy transition of port operations. To this end, the MPA has already undertaken major initiatives, including the installation of shore power for wintering ships and cruise ships and the electrification of the fleet of service vehicles. Future plans include larger-scale deployment of electric power systems and the development of green fuels.

  • Improve the city-port interface. Following on from recent projects to improve the city-port interface, such as the creation of an 8.5 meter high landscaped embankment. Our Lady Port to minimize visual and noise impacts of port activities and plant 2,000 trees Montreal aims to invest 10 million dollars in projects to improve the coexistence of logistics activities with the urban environment.

Major projects planned for the next five years Montreal includes: optimization of substations to meet the growing demand for electricity of the port; optimizing rail capacity by adding six km of tracks, which will improve the flow of rail traffic and maintenance; and port modernization for safe berthing of ships.

“We want to invest in what will come from the eastern end of the supply chain Montreal for its sustainability, efficiency and harmonious integration into the urban fabric. Our biggest challenge will be to decarbonize our economy and supply chain. Transportation is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases Quebec, and the stats don’t get better! As a player in this industry, our responsibility is invaluable. East end Montreal offers great opportunities. This port was the cradle of activity. It can and should support supply chain decarbonisation,” he said Martin ImbleauPresident and CEO of MPA.

At the same time, the port Montreal will invest in the expansion of the port in Contrecœur to provide sufficient infrastructure for importers and exporters throughout the country with its private partner and government support at all levels. Quebec.

About the port Montreal

The Montreal Port Authority (MPA), is managed by the Port Montreal is the second largest port Canada and a diversified shipping center that handles all types of goods: containerized and non-containerized cargo, liquid cargo and dry cargo. The only container port in it Quebec, is a destination port served by the world’s largest shipping lines. It is also an intermodal center with a unique service offer North AmericaIt has its own railway network directly connected to the dockside of Canada two national railway networks. MPA also operates a Cruise Terminal and Harbor Center.

MPA considers economic, social and environmental components in its corporate initiatives. This commitment is guided by a sustainable development policy and its guiding principles focus on participation, cooperation and accountability. Port activity supports and creates 19,000 jobs $26 billion with annual economic efficiency.

SOURCE: Montreal Port Authority



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