‘Beyond Passport’ Campaign, Great Success in Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Program

Castries, Feb. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — To celebrate St. Lucia’s 43rd Independence in 2022, the “Passport Out” campaign has been launched in Dubai. The campaign made an unforgettable impression at Expo Dubai, where information on tourism and investment opportunities through second citizenship was shared with prospects preparing for either a holiday or second citizenship in Saint Lucia.

On February 15, 2023, the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) premiered a “Citizenship Experience” through CIP Saint Lucia’s YouTube channel, where they invited the Abboud family to share their experiences and memories of visiting the St. Lucia carnival festivities in July 2022. “I was looking for a piece of heaven on earth.” Mr. Abboud stated. He went on to explain that the family are “so in love that we’re currently looking at property to buy, whether it’s land or an apartment – maybe one of the apartments in the back, but we’re so invested in the island, we love it.” Currently in Dubai The living family shared their great experiences and how a St Lucian passport will open up global mobility to holders.

The aim of the campaign was to remove restrictions on obtaining a second citizenship for the benefits offered only by a St Lucian passport. Focusing on building relationships with CIP-granted citizens and the relevant institutions of the country to develop the economy of Saint Lucia.

Miss Tajma Brown, Marketing Officer, CIU, St. Lucia noted, “There is more to St. Lucia than just acquiring citizenship and a passport for visa-free travel. Beyond the benefits of a passport, creating opportunities for all citizens truly validates the Investment Program’s contribution to our citizenship and its direct impact on people.”

Saint Lucia will celebrate the 44th anniversary of its Independence on February 22, 2023. On February 16, 2023, Saint Lucia’s Deputy Prime Minister Ernest Hilaire, along with Minister Emma Hippolite and other cabinet members and government officials gathered for the inauguration of the country’s independence. The Business Fair is dedicated to the 44th anniversary of St. Lucia.

Export Saint Lucia along with the Ministries of Trade and Agriculture hosted a two-day Expo on February 16-17, 2023 where small and medium businesses showcased their products and services. Each year, St. Lucia’s Independence Business Expo continues to be an unwavering success, as over 70 local companies participated in the Expo this year.

St Lucia not only offers endless adventure and excitement for its tourists but also has exclusive investment opportunities for investors. Launched in 2016, the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) is one of the newest CIP investment programs in the Caribbean and has since been sought after by High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI).

Investors are interested in the St Lucia CIP because it offers business opportunities through investment options designed to benefit the local community, economy, infrastructure development, developers, investors, education and health.

The National Economic Fund (NEF) option allows investors to finance government-owned projects aimed at developing infrastructure and facilities that will grow the economy of St Lucia. The minimum contribution amount is $100,000.00 per applicant.

Government Approved Real Estate Projects allow investors to purchase government approved property valued at $200,000.00. After the applicant obtains citizenship with this investment option, they must own and manage the property for five years. Due diligence fees apply on an applicant basis.

The Pre-Approved Enterprise Project is another investment option that the principal applicant can apply for as a stand-alone or joint investment. Independent applicants must invest $3.5 million in the project and create a minimum of three permanent jobs. The co-investment requires each investor to contribute USD 1 million each to the project with a total cost of USD 6 million and create a minimum of six permanent jobs. Beginning January 1, 2023, applicants must pay $7,500,000 in due diligence and background check fees.

The National Action Bond (NAB) is the latest investment option introduced to the CIP from 1 January 2023. It is a non-interest bearing government bond and must be held for five years in the name of the investor. first purchase. The minimum investment amount with any number of patrons is $300,000.00 with a fixed management fee of $50,000.00 per applicant. There is a due diligence and processing fee for the application.

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